Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rock Rodeo 2013

Well, it was that time of year again. The sponsor tents were up, the big names in bouldering were out, there were kegs of New Belgium that seemed to never run dry, it could mean only one thing, the 20th annual Hueco Tanks Rock Rodeo was in full swing!

If you are at all interested in bouldering and have never been to Rock Rodeo, then I cannot encourage you enough! For 20 years climbers of every age and ability have made the pilgrimage to Hueco Tanks for this annual competition. The Hueco Rock Ranch becomes the hub for this amazing event. For three days the Ranch is filled with climbers from every corner of the globe looking for a chance to prove themselves on some of the most classic bouldering that this planet has to offer.

Friday is mostly social with check-in and registration, but that dosen't mean there isn't anything to do. You can always count on a great campfire and plenty of delicious New Belgium brew!

Saturday the main competition begins. It's an early start with breakfast provided. Many of the shoe sponsors allow you to demo the shoes in their line for free. (I picked up a pair of the Five Ten Dragons for the day.) Then everyone loads up in the shuttles and heads into the park! After a full day of amazing bouldering it's back to the ranch for one of the best campfires of the year. Crates are piled high and a roaring blaze keeps the cold of the night air away for 30 feet in every direction. Dinner is served and the sponsors are all out, this means more free merch than you can shake a stick at! (Promotional swag and even pros signing posters) The kegs are tapped again and everyone settles in for the dyno comp and raffle. The registration fee is a little steep, but I promise you will make that money back in free stuff from the sponsors and the raffle. The prizes range from climbing gear to backpacks and clothing to GPS devices, not to mention all the stuff they just throw into the audience! Then the moment everyone has been waiting for, they announce the winners for each class.

Sunday hosts the youth comp for all the younger competitors!

Bobby Retzloff Uncut Yogi V6 
This year our Texas Tech crew made a fair showing:

- Bobby Retzloff and Nic Sutton with 3210 pts. tying for 4th Men's Intermediate 
Christine Boilard with 1440 pts. taking 3rd Women's Recreational 
Teresa Nguyen with 1190 pts. taking 5th Women's Recreational 
Chris Arth with 2100 pts.taking 2nd Men's Recreational 
- Myself taking 5th with 1710 pts. Men's Recreational  
Joshua Ringenberger with 1630 pts. taking 6th Men's Recreational

Hopefully in the near future I will put together a small edit for our crew, but until then here is the highlight video the people over at Louder Than 11 put together for the comp!

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