Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh Really, You're Bored..?

I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day and overheard a group of college students complaining that they were bored because there was nothing to do in this town. Now I've heard this before, I'm sure we all have, but for some reason this time it really irked me. Especially considering that compared to Beaumont, Lubbock is a veritable cornucopia of things to do. I was quickly reminded of the above scene from Louis C.K.'s show Louie. It's true you have no right to be bored... Ever!

Now I have hailed from a number of small towns renowned for their lack of stuff to do: a small backwoods South-East Texas town; Beaumont, TX; and now Lubbock, TX. I have served my time in "boring" places, so I feel I have authority to speak on the subject. It really does sicken me to hear people, especially college-aged people, say they are bored. College is literally one of the best times in your life for adventure. You still have access to your parent's money (probably), you don't have a real job, you probably don't have a family of your own; you are basically worthless. If you think it's someone else's job to keep you entertained then you are in for a lifetime of disappointment, my friend.

Fun is something you create, it's a renewable resource that you yourself must mine. Now truly there are places where this resource is more easily tapped and exploited, but it is still up to you to implement a recovery method.

I went to undergrad in Beaumont, TX, which was recently found to be the saddest city in the USA. But, even in this monument to urban decay, my colleagues and I were able to make the most of it. Our collective misery eventually culminated into Wednesday Night Fun Crew. It started off small: roughly five of us would gather every Wednesday night for board games; however, this quickly evolved into more elaborate evenings. As the number of participants grew so too did our shenanigans. Rollerblading around campus, kickball on the green, and even campus-wide games of capture the flag. Fun was never handed to us, so we had to take it. All week we would look forward to Wednesday night and the exciting events we had planned for the evening.

There are so many ways to find things to do in your town:

  • Try Craigslist Community tabs.
  • If you live in a college town, see what events the college is hosting. My girlfriend and I have gone to so many plays and such at the university. Many times the events are free for students and really cheap for anyone else. 
  • Check your city's web page, many times community events will be listed. 
  • If all else fails, make something happen!!!

Essentially my point is this: don't complain about the place you are being boring--it's not the place, it's you! If you want excitement, make some!


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